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1. What is the cost of rental?

Rental chargers at SGD$1 and it entitle you 24 hours usage (Recurring). Failure to return to our power bank after 5 days (120hrs) will be consider sold!


2. What is the balance in my wallet?

The balance shown are credits. It can be used to pay the cost of rental. There’s no expiration date.


3. What if I run out of credits?

To start a rental, there must be credits in your wallet. Purchase of credits starts at $2.00. To purchase credits, please go to ‘My wallet’.


4. How does family group work?

You can authorize members of your family group to deduct from your balance. 


5. How many family members can I add?

You can add up to 5 users.


6. Can I get a refund for my un-used credits?

Yes you can.


7. Dispute about the records of your credits.

If you find any issues with your credit record, please inform us via feedback and we will resolve as soon as possible.



1. Where can I use Brezze services?

Currently in Singapore only.



1. How do I rent the power bank?

Scan the QR Code on the Breeze Station to unlock the power bank. Remove power bank from dock and enjoy the power bank on the go.


2. How do I return the power bank?

Simply proceed to any Brezze Station and insert into the charging slot. Billing will end and you will receive a receipt.



Mobile APP:

1. Why am I unable to receive the verification code?

This could be due to poor network coverage or server timeout. Move to a different location to request for a new verification code.


2. “User already exists” during registration.

Each phone number can only be linked to one ID. Please check that your phone number was not used to register another ID.


3. What’s an invitation code?

Each user has an unique invitation code which is used to invite others. Users may enjoy benefits given by Brezze when new user sign up using the invitation code. If you like us, please invite others to join us. 


4. How to I change my brezze account to my new mobile number?

You can change your mobile number in your ‘Profile’>Change phone number. Your balance, records and other information will be transferred to your new account.



5. How do I report a fault?

Click the icon on the bottom right of the screen to report to the customer service any issues involving the use of the power bank. Thank you for helping us maintain a better user experience.

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